Coming Into My Own

October 9, 2012

Now that I’ve been at my new job for a little over a month, I’m starting to have somewhat of a routine each week. The weekdays include work (obvs), cooking, lounging, and watching our shows. The weekends include me working concerts and grocery shopping. I don’t really have time to do much else! (yes, that includes blogging. I’ve been baaaad.)

I stole away from the relaxation of my pjs and bed yesterday and made my way down to The Tasting Room at Uptown Park for a bloggy meet up! I’m so glad that I did.

After the Houston Blogger Symposium last month, we had a few new faces to the Houston Blogger Social Club. (We call it that because we’re not so much about networking and bettering your blog than we are about friendships. I don’t think I talked about blogging more than ten minutes of the two hours we were there!)

How awesome is it that we had four Delta Zetas there?! Me, Selena, Stephanie, & Darby
Thank you Faison for hooking me up with that gorgeous Kate Spade scarf!

It was so great to see everyone and to get to socialize. I know it sounds pathetic, but these girls really are my friends here in Houston. (Maybe they don’t know that? Well girls, you are!) If it wasn’t for them and my sorority alumnae group, I would be one lonely girl!

I’m sure you’re wondering what the title of the post has to do with a bloggy date. Well, to be honest, it doesn’t really. But I promise I can connect it.

Sunday evening, while I was doing those last minute chores to delay the start of the week, I decided that I was turning over a new leaf in my life. Nick and I are going to lead the happiest lives possible, free from stress and unhealthiness and full of all of the good things. Spending more time together, eating right, working out, playing more with our pets, these are all things that we have promised to do more of.

Nick has spent all evening working on a paper for school and not procrastinating. Even though I was exhausted, I made dinner. (Granted it turned out to be GROSS, but that’s another story…)

All of these bloggers have amazing blogs that reflect the interesting and strong women that they are. Lura is a DIY genius. Bri is one of the nicest, most genuine people that I have ever met. Stephanie is just as bubbly and sweet as she seems on her blog. They are amazing and interesting women, and captivating bloggers on top of that. I’m going to strive to be the best I can be.

I’m finally coming into my own. I’m growing up. I’m realizing just what is important in life and learning how to balance work, home, and social life.

Laziness is no longer an option. Blog posts will be written, promises will be kept, dishes will be done, and the house will be in order.

Who’s with me?

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