January 20, 2012

There are lots of changes going on around here!

First of all, Nick FINALLY got a job after being unemployed since May of 2008 (and trust me, he was actively looking!). We’re so excited and proud of him. He’s one step closer to breaking into a new field! He was a middle school teacher but unfortunately lost his job due to budget constraints. He decided to do a double Masters program at the University of Houston, which is why we moved! He’ll be working in a hospital as a unit secretary (and will wear scrubs! How hot is that?!).

Next, you all know that I had an interview yesterday. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything until tomorrow but they called me today… and I got the job!!! I’m a public relations assistant at Houston Community College Southwest. I cannot wait to start.

Finally, if you’ve visited the blog today and noticed something off, I’ve been messing around with my layout all day! I’m all about how things are presented and I want my blog to look its absolute best. I’ve had to settle with a template for now, but if anyone is willing to help me out with something a little more custom I’d really appreciate it. (including a button! I’d love to have one so that my friends can add it to their blogs… I’d hope, hehe)

Thanks for all of your well wishes on my interview yesterday! It meant more than you know and really helped me out confidence-wise.

Have a great Friday; the weekend comes after!!

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