Celebrating My Birthday at Codescape Charlotte (Review)

August 3, 2016

Codescape Charlotte

Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday! As many other Leos may agree, I love celebrating and telling everyone it’s my birthday. It’s a day all about me! (Typical Leo, right?)

When Nick was planning what to do, I told him that I wanted to do something fun. A simple dinner just wasn’t going to cut it this year. (I should note that we are going to NYC next week to see “Hamilton” as a 5th wedding anniversary/27th birthday combo gift, so we did already have plans!) In his search for fun things to do in Charlotte, Nick stumbled upon Codescape, an escape room located near Plaza Midwood in Uptown Charlotte. As soon as he told me what we were doing, I was super excited. I had in fact thought about doing an escape room for his birthday in April, so I was looking forward to finally being able to do it!

But y’all. I was SCARED. Sometimes when I’m put into a high-pressure situation, my anxiety kicks in and I just freeze. Especially if there’s a scary or supernatural aspect to the situation! Thankfully Nick told me that the reviews said the room wasn’t super scary, so my excitement outweighed my nerves.

When we arrived at Codescape, the staff was very friendly. They helped to calm my nerves when they discovered that it was our first time doing an escape room and explained everything perfectly. Since the rooms are for up to eight players, we were paired with three other people. Thankfully they were also super nice and we got really close, really fast.

We chose “The Residents,” which is about a house that dates back to 1881. “Despite its longstanding presence, the home has rarely been occupied. Families would move in, and quickly be driven away… Five past residents ended up in a nearby psychiatric institution, all curiously alluding to the old home’s attic as the sole source of their derangement… (Codescape description of “The Residents”)

Instead of it being one giant room like other escape rooms, the puzzle was divided into four smaller rooms. Although I did like this because it allowed us to move around, it did limit the number of people that I felt were comfortable in the room. The website recommends 2-8 but I felt like 5 was a little cramped. I can’t imagine what it would be like if there were eight people in that first small room! Not good for folks who are a bit claustrophobic like me.

You have 60 minutes to “escape” from the room, and while we did not make it in that time, we were mere minutes from being complete. There were two parts that held us up, but once we ran out of time, the “gamemaster” came in and helped us finish the rest of the puzzle. It was only two more steps that took maybe 4 minutes. We definitely could have finished it on our own given just a few more minutes!

During the 60 minutes you’re given three chances to ask for clues or hints. We spread those out over the time but were lucky that sometimes our gamemaster offered up “freebies.” Although this may frustrate some guests, we appreciated it because most of them were something like, “you’re on the right track, just try it another way.”

The main question that I’ve gotten was, “is it scary?” If you know me at all, you’ll know that I don’t do scary things. Haunted houses, horror movies, nothing like that. (Except my favorite holiday is Halloween… explain that one?) I was very nervous through most of the game and though there were two “jump scares,” I found most of it to be okay. (Just forget about that time that I got scared because of something that happened and I jumped two feet in the air and grabbed one of the girls that was in there with us by the waist. They all laughed because Nick was in another room and wasn’t there to save me! Tsk tsk husband…) The mood is definitely set by the music playing in the background and the props in the room. These rooms were all perfectly set. After reading the website, I learned that many of the crew worked on “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” sets, so they are definitely top notch.

So, would I do it again? Absolutely. It was a great way to spend a birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely want to go back and try some of the other rooms!

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own! Codescape doesn’t know who I am or that I did this review. I just wanted to share our experience!

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