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  • Feminist Gift Guide

    I don’t know about you, but there are so many gift guides floating around right now and sometimes I think, “wow, none of this stuff is me!” So, I decided to make my own style…

    November 20, 2017
  • Friday Five: What I’m Reading This Week

    It’s been a long week, and next week will be even longer. Work is picking up, I have my grad class next weekend, and two weddings to attend in the span of 72 hours.…

    September 29, 2017
  • Things I Won’t Apologize For

    I won’t apologize for… decorating for Halloween on September 4. being able to rap all the words to Ice Ice Baby… and Started From the Bottom. being 15 minutes early everywhere I go. sticking…

    September 20, 2017
  • Friday Favorites

    I’m taking some time today to share some of my favorites from the past week (or longer.) This list is pretty varied and weird, just like me. Hope you find something that you enjoy!…

    February 17, 2017
  • Thoughts on the Women’s March

    (photo by Betsy from the Women’s March in Washington on Saturday) Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Women’s March that took place this weekend. Due to poor planning on…

    January 23, 2017