California Love

September 3, 2014
(If you didn’t read the title of this post without singing it like in that Tupac song, we have a problem.)
In my 25 years, I haven’t done much by way of traveling. I’ve always been obsessed with different parts of the world at certain times in my life, mostly influenced by what I was watching on TV or what boy I was crushing on at the time. I’ve only ventured out of the country once, thanks to my best friend’s 18th birthday. We visited the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. It was a pretty amazing trip.



Obviously these photos don’t have anything to do with California, but I love looking back at them!


But that was the last time that I ventured to the West Coast. Now, in just two weeks, I’ll be heading to California for the first time. I’m so excited that I can barely wait!
So, friends, what should we do? We’re going to be staying in Newport Beach. Anything in particular we should do or eat? Do any of you live near there? Want to grab a coffee or something?
Any help would be extremely appreciated!
On to today’s #blogeverydayinSept prompt: what’s your earliest memory?
I don’t know how much of this is attributed to watching home videos and how much of it is actual memory, but the earliest memory that I have is the day that my sister was born. It was June 14, 1991. Mary Black Memorial Hospital. I was just two months shy of being two years old. I’m not sure exactly how aware I was of what was going on. I knew I was going to have a little sister, but who knows if I knew what that meant. All I remember is my aunt Tanna chasing me around the hospital room, around my sister’s little cart thingy (is there a technical term? I really have no idea) with a Raggedy Ann doll.
What’s your earliest memory? Share it in the comments, or link up your post to today’s linkup! Don’t forget to link back or include the button in your post.


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