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September 12, 2014

Today’s prompt: What were the first three blogs you remember reading? Do they influence your blogging style?

I began blogging in August 2011 and only started reading blogs earlier that year. In fact, in the process of doing a project for one of my final marketing classes, I stumbled upon a blog, Monograms and Manicures, and came to realize that it was something that I could follow every day. After that, it was like a spiral. I discovered that there were bloggers in Houston that I could follow and learn more about the city.

When I first found Merritt’s blog The Style Scribe, it was called Manolos and Martinis
and she lived in Houston. I was so impressed with all of her posts about
the city and realized that there were people in Houston that did this blogging thing! Even following her on Instagram really helped introduce me to the city.

Another blog that I found early on was Beantown Prepster: Part Deux.
I’m sure I found MVB’s blog through Helen (Monograms and Manicures/@kappaprep on Instagram) and I was hooked. The
distinctive voice that she used in her posts was so entertaining and
drew me in immediately. Her “Weekend by Numbers” posts are my favs. She no longer blogs at BP but instead started a new blog, Channeling the Barefoot Contessa.

I would have to say that the first two blogs I began following didn’t really influence my blogging style, but MVB’s blog definitely influenced how open I’ve been. I love that she can keep things light but also talk about personal things as well. If I had to strive to be like anyone in the blog world, she’d definitely be the one!

What are the first blogs you started following? Link up with us today! Didn’t follow the prompt? No biggie, link up anyway!

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