Blogging Bites. Let’s Fix It.
(Blog Everyday in September)

August 29, 2014
I know it’s Friday morning, but I’m about to drop a truth bomb on y’all: the blog world is really sucking right now.
If you don’t agree with me, that’s awesome! Please tell me what magic fairy dust you are using and how I can get my hands on some. If you do agree… well, I think it’s time we do something about it.
I was looking through some old posts of mine and noticed I used to get upwards of 20+ comments on posts. Now? I’m lucky if I get 4. I know that’s my fault because I don’t post as regularly as I used to and I also kind of announced that I was not blogging anymore. Totally understandable. But I’ve noticed the lack of comments and excitement in general on other blogs and I want to know what the heck is up. The whole blog world seems to be totally down in the dumps. In an effort to try to get back into the swing of blogging, I’ve been really good about keeping up with my Bloglovin’ reader and reading blogs every night. I’ve made a conscious effort to comment on blogs and interact with bloggers on Twitter. I just miss the good ole days. I want to know how we can get back there. I need your help.
So, I’m blogging every day in September. Well, every weekday. (If you’re like me and need to schedule stuff in advance, that’s what I’ll use the weekends for. Small steps, people.) If you want to join me, I’d love you to help me revitalize the blog world. Obviously you don’t have to abide by the prompts for each day, but I just want to start writing again. I feel like this would really help. (Obviously I can’t do this without mentioning how amazingly helpful Jenni’s “Blog Everyday in May” was and how much it inspired me. I’m not copying but instead paying tribute.) (Don’t kill me.)
Monday, Sept. 1: Reintroduce yourself to your readers. Tell us what you want to get out of blogging everyday in September.
Tuesday, Sept. 2: Tell us about your most prized possession and the history behind it.
Wednesday, Sept. 3: What is your earliest memory?
Thursday, Sept. 4: Who were your celebrity crushes from your childhood?
Friday, Sept. 5: Tell us about your daily beauty/makeup routine.
Monday, Sept. 8: A Day in the Life of You- you can do photos every hour or put your own spin on it!
Tuesday, Sept. 9: Top 5 Times You’ve Cried at TV/Movies
Wednesday, Sept. 10: Describe your best and worst birthday memories. 
Thursday, Sept. 11: If you had to choose one book, one movie, and one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Friday, Sept. 12: What were the first three blogs you remember reading? Do they influence your blogging style?
Monday, Sept. 15: Finish this sentence and run with it: “What it was like growing up as a _______.” (Use your religion, nationality, heritage… anything!)
Tuesday, Sept. 16: If you could drop everything and get on a plane for a two week vacation right now, where would you go and why?
Wednesday, Sept. 17: Tell us about why you started blogging. What is your favorite part? Least favorite part?
Thursday, Sept. 18: Write a short letter to yourself at ages 13, 18, and 21. 
Friday, Sept. 19: What’s your favorite season and why?
Monday, Sept. 22: If you had to choose five celebrities to hang out with, who would you choose?
Tuesday, Sept. 23: Share with us your ultimate “Happy” playlist with at least 5 songs.
Wednesday, Sept. 24: What is your favorite room/space in your house? Why?
Thursday, Sept. 25: We all have silly things we get really excited about… what excites you?
Friday, Sept. 26: I’m all about spreading blogger love: what are five blogs that you read every day?
Monday, Sept. 29: Share with us a family recipe that has been passed down.
Tuesday, Sept. 30: Do you have a blogging community in your city? Tell us about it. If not, would you be interested in meeting up with other bloggers in person? Why/why not?

*Thanks to Amber and Sarah for the help in coming up with some of these!

There are no “rules” to play but it would be pretty great if you mentioned in your post that you were playing along, or include the button below. There’s also going to be a way to link up every day, so I hope you’ll leave your link on the blog so that others can see who else is participating. And commenting on other posts is definitely encouraged. (Use #BlogEverydayinSept on Twitter and IG to spread the word and find other posts.) Come on, y’all. Summer’s over, so let’s build the blog world back up.

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