Best Shows of Fall 2014

October 15, 2014

I’m a total pop culture nut. I love trivia nights and get way too excited looking at fall TV lineups. Deciding what TV shows I’m going to try out is probably the third best thing I love about fall (after cold weather and football, of course!)

So, understandably, I made a schedule of all of the shows I wanted to try this fall and made sure to DVR them so that I could watch them at my own pace. It’s been so fun getting to know these new characters and their stories!

Here are my picks for the best fall shows of 2014:

The Voice

Okay, so this isn’t a new show. But I’ve been so impressed with the talent this season! You would think after seven seasons that all the talent would be gone, but that’s definitely not the case. Even better? There were THREE contestants who made it on a team from South Carolina. That’s huge for our little state! I feel like all four teams this year are really

I’ve got my favorites picked out so far. Who are you loving? Taylor Phelan’s performance of “Sweater Weather” was definitely my favorite audition!

A to Z

My poor little heart is still broken over the end of How I Met Your Mother, so I’m on the look out for my next new romantic comedy sitcom. Funny enough, the elusive “Mother,” otherwise known as Cristin Milioti, stars as Zelda on A to Z. I’ve only watched one episode, but I can honestly say that this is one show I’ll be following closely. So, HIMYM, I have one question…

Red Band Society

I’m not normally interested in medical related shows, but this mix of comedy and drama is totally up my alley. I’ve heard it’s not doing well in the ratings, so I really hope that it doesn’t get cancelled. This show totally pulls on my heart strings. Octavia Spencer is hilarious and I love seeing how her hard heart is softened by the kids in the hospital.


Nick is a huge Batman fan, from the comics to the animated series to the recent movies, and he’s rubbed off on me. So obviously, this show is right up our alley. It’s super campy and pretty cheesy. Some of the actors (*cough* Jada Pinkett Smith *cough*) overact. And guess who steals the show? Penguin. Not Batman. Not Jim Gordon. We’re hooked on this show and will definitely keep watching.

How to Get Away with Murder

This is BY FAR my favorite show of the season. I cannot even explain to you how amazing it is. First: Viola Davis is such a BOSS. Second: Dean Thomas, I mean Wes Gibbons, is super hot. A Harry Potter alum on my TV weekly? Yes sir. And third: Shonda Rimes. I haven’t watched any of her other shows, but sister knows what she’s doing when it comes to twists and turns. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Why hello, Dean Thomas. Spoiler alert: you grow up to be really hot.

What are your favorite shows of the season?

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