Being a Good Wife

October 30, 2013

When Betsy, Belinda and I were deciding what the topic of the sponsor linkup would be for this month, we immediately agreed when Betsy suggested we write on what it means to be a good wife. We wanted to dissect exactly what it meant to each of us and it’s such a hard thing to determine, because it’s different for each of us. What one couple may need or value in their relationship may be completely opposite of what someone else might need or value.

Growing up, I always had an amazing role model as a mother. My parents started dating in high school and were married shortly after. Whenever I asked them why they got married, they always told me “because he’s/she’s my best friend.”  So to me, first and foremost, being a good wife means being a best friend. Someone your spouse can confide in, can celebrate with, and enjoy doing things with.

For me, being a good wife is a few different things.

Giving your spouse emotional support. Living so far away from our families, Nick and I are about all each other has. So we have to lean on each other when times are tough to get through it, but we’ve done a great job of that so far. I like to think that I do a great job of letting Nick vent, encouraging him, and helping him to get through whatever hardship it is.

Not being afraid to laugh at yourself. This is just a trait of being a good person, but especially with being a wife. When those times do get tough, the ability to make yourself and your spouse laugh is extremely important. Nick and I have had a wide range of experiences in our six years together, and our ability to be goofy has helped get us through it.

Taking charge of things that matter to me. I know that many people may disagree with this, but to me, marriage is a partnership. My husband isn’t “over” me or the head of the household. We are shared partners working together. We each value different things, so it’s what we take charge of in the household. It even comes down to little things like Nick being in charge of vacuuming (which I hate) and me doing the dishes (which he hates).

Remembering the little things. Ask anyone that knows me: I have the worst memory around… but my mom was always the one who remembered birthdays, sent cards, etc. I don’t know what it is but I’ve always been able to remember birthdays and that sort of thing, so being able to celebrate the little things make life more exciting. And, for example, Nick just about walked out of the house without a belt on and I said, “Babe… belt?” He thanked me for that. That’s just what I do!

Being a star chef. I’m not saying that men cannot be great cooks. In fact, a man who cooks is sexy! But it’s always been such a female thing in my family that I need to follow in the footsteps of the women in my family and start cooking. I didn’t try very hard to experiment in my cooking until we moved to Texas, but now that we have… we’ve both gained quite some weight. I’m proud to say that I’m a pretty good cook!

So, what does being a good wife mean to you? You don’t have to be/want to be a wife in order to answer the question. Link up with us!


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