Battlestar Galactica: Still the Best TV Show (A Year Later)

May 26, 2014

One year ago today was the ending of one of the best weekends of my life. For those of you that have been around for a while, you know how big of a nerd I am )and how Battlestar Galactica has been my favorite TV show for close to four years now.) Comicpalooza is a huge convention in Houston held every year, but last year Galacticon was held in conjunction with Comicpalooza.

I’d never been to a con before and it was on my bucket list. Little did I know that it was even more than I bargained for! (Highlights: spending hours on end drinking/chatting with Leah Cairns (top left) and getting a bear hug from Edward James Olmos (top middle).) (Embarrassing moment: being totally speechless when meeting Michael Trucco (bottom left). Oops.)

After this amazing weekend, meeting a majority of the actors from my favorite television show, I went back and rewatched the entire series again. It took about a month (for a normal person it would probably take more) to do but it was so worth it.

With all of the streaming services available nowadays, I constantly see people on my Facebook and Twitter feeds asking for new shows to watch. So today, I want to tell you all why Battlestar Galactica should be the next show that you marathon*:

1) It’s not just a show about space. Sure, the show is set on a spaceship and while that’s a big plot point, it’s not the whole show. Take a show like The West Wing: it’s a wonderful political drama, but it’s not all about politics. It focuses on the characters and their relationships. BSG is the same way.

2) It’s smart. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of “reality” shows other than The Voice. If it comes on Bravo, I’m probably not watching it. I love shows that make me think. For a show that started in 2004, it’s amazing how relevant all of the storylines are to this day. As someone whose favorite shows include The Office and How I Met Your Mother, I can appreciate the seriousness of the storylines. I’ve never been so connected to characters ever before (other than Pam and Jim, because JKras=<3)

3) The twists are INSANE. I’ve only seen the last 3 seasons of 24 (don’t kill me) but the big thing I loved about the series were the huge twists in the storyline. A show that is constantly surprising me and has me on the edge of my seat is perfect.

4) The enemy is (somewhat) realistic. I know we don’t have robots that look like humans walking around, but this enemy is much more relatable than monsters or aliens.

So before you write off this show as a weird, uber-geeky thing like I did for years, do this for me: the show begins with a 3-hour mini-series that you can watch on Netflix. Take an evening and watch the mini-series. I promise that you’ll be hooked!

*Note: if you enjoy watching shows like The West Wing, 24, and other exciting dramas, you’ll probably love this show. However, if shows like Real Housewives and The Bachelor are more up your alley, you probably won’t enjoy BSG as much as I do. I warned you.*

That Time I Had The Best Weekend of All Time

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