“After All This Time, I’m Still Into You”

October 25, 2013

This weekend, I’ll be working as always. But more importantly, Paramore is coming to our venue on Sunday! In case you missed it, I’ve loved the band for almost ten years and only saw them live for the first time in April. Luckily, they released their fourth album earlier this year and are going on a tour, so of course they’re stopping by our awesome venue. I’m going to be singing my butt off and dancing like a fool.

I made this playlist with the help of Setlist.fm today to get pumped for the event! I always check the site before I go to a show to see what’s going to be played. (I think I referenced the site in my post on Monday as well.)

So, dear readers, enjoy this playlist today and get hooked just like I did on this high energy music. I’m sure I’ll have some photos to share with you on Monday!

Have you ever seen your favorite artist live?
Have a great weekend!

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