About Me… Revisited

June 9, 2012

Recently, I realized that even though I’ve been blogging since December, many of you have joined me only within the last couple of months! I always feel much more connected to bloggers if I know a little background on them. So, let’s get requainted, shall we?

My name is Whitney. I’ll be 23 on August 2nd and I’m currently living in Houston, Texas.

I lived my first 21 1/2 years in the upstate of South Carolina. I went to Winthrop University in Rock Hill (about 20 minutes south of Charlotte, NC) and graduated in December of 2011 with a B.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in History. While in school, I served as the vice-president of programming for my sorority, Delta Zeta, and the president of the College Democrats.

My husband Nick and I got married on July 23, 2011, after which we went on an amazing honeymoon to Disney World in Orlando. Once we returned, he packed up his things and moved out to Houston while I finished my last semester of college. Those 4 months apart were hard, but I was so happy when I picked him up from the airport after a one-way flight to South Carolina. I knew that we’d gotten through something that could likely be one of the hardest things we could face in our lifetimes.

On January 2, 2012, we packed up my tiny Honda Civic and made the 974 mile drive to our apartment in Houston, leaving behind everything I’d ever known. I started blogging shortly before the move, as a way to keep myself entertained and meet people in Houston (because moving to a place where you know virtually no one is kind of a bummer for such a social person as me.)


Our little family is made up of my husband Nick, our cat Susie, and our puppy Anabelle. I spend most of my time reading blogs, watching movies/tv shows, shopping, and learning new recipes (learning to cook is something that has been difficult but I think I’ve finally gotten good at it!)

I’m a self-proclaimed super-geek. I love any and all things in the geek culture: Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings… you name it, I love it. Yet somehow, I’m super girly. I love shopping, I try to stay on top of the latest fashions, all while staying within a small budget.

It’s hard to talk about myself without a prompt— what would YOU like to know?

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