A Picture’s Worth How Many Words?

October 15, 2013


This summer has flown by. Do you know how I know? We’re already a few weeks into autumn and I’m just now talking about summer.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely noticed that I never upload photos to Facebook anymore. But Instagram? It’s like a little timeline of my life. So here they are: the top 18 photos (chosen by number of likes) from my summer.


You guys definitely like jewelry and pictures of my pets. Seeing Wicked for our anniversary was probably one of the coolest things we did all summer. In my opinion, Gavin Degraw was the most underrated “opening act” at my venue all summer. I mean, how are you going to have a guy who started with a hit song ten years ago as an “opener”? I don’t get it. 


Also included are the people who made my summer: Michael Trucco (Uncle Cooper/Sam Anders) at Galacticon in May, my mom in July, my bloggy friends, and of course, my hubby. 


Hubby made me a peanut butter milkshake (below) that was too sweet for us to drink, but we did anyway. I tried so many new recipes thanks to E-meals (post coming soon!) including that delish shrimp and Greek pasta (above).


Finally, every single picture on here of me is from a time this summer that I actually felt confident about the way I looked: Day 1 of Galacticon, our anniversary date, the Cheeky Vintage blogger party, and preference day at U of H. Those days don’t come often around here (just being real) but when they do, I’m sure to document them.

What was your most memorable moment this summer?

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