89 years young.

September 8, 2012

Too often, children grow up with only one or even no grandparents to be spoiled by, learn from, and love.

I was lucky.

Not only did I have 4 grandparents growing up, I also had my great-grandmother. We call her Mama.

Today, Mama is 89 years old. Through those almost nine decades, she has experienced so many things in her life and I truly look up to her.

She was one of 18 children. She grew up in Danville, Virginia. She went through the 8th grade twice because she couldn’t make the drive to the closest high school. After that, she married to only man in the town that had a car. She survived the Great Depression. She had my grandfather when she was 18 years old and moved from Virginia to South Carolina.

After my grandparents divorced, she basically raised my dad. She retired from the textile mill after 40 years of service and has lived in the same small house for all of that time. She took care of me and my sister after school when we were young. We would climb the dogwood tree in her yard and she would yell for us to come down. We would go inside and eat Little Debbie Cakes and chips and watch As The World Turns.

My memories include going through old pictures in her formal living room, a room she designed “just for you, baby. I want you to bring your boyfriends here when you get older and have a nice place for us to sit and talk.” My sister and I would go through her closet, putting on clothes and jewelry.

I’ve been told that I get a lot of my fire from her. My spunk and sassiness? From Mama. My fear of pain and concern for the welfare of others? From Mama. My nosiness? From my Mama. But most of all, I hope I inherited her courage. She’s such a strong woman who has been through so much in her life. I just hope that I make her proud. I know I’m proud to call her my great-grandmother.

I know there’s probably no way that she will see this, but I just wanted to write a post and tell you all how much she means to me.

Happy birthday, Mama. I miss you so much and wish I could be there to celebrate with y’all!

Were you able to meet your great-grandparents? Do you have any special memories with your family?

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