5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Blog

June 6, 2017

Yesterday on the blog I shared five reasons why you should start a blog. I’m glad that I had such a great response to the post and loved hearing what got you into blogging! If you haven’t stopped over and shared your story, I would love to hear it.

While there are many reasons that you should start a blog, there are also many reasons you shouldn’t. I hope this post doesn’t ruffle too many feathers, but I would love to get your input!

Reason Why You Should not Start a Blog

1. You want to get “famous.” When I first started my blog, I had one loyal reader. They would comment almost every time. But other than that, I got maybe ten page views per blog post I did. It wasn’t exciting and kind of brought me down. But soon I realized that people needed to get to know me before they started to follow my blog consistently. If you want to start a blog to get “famous,” whether it be a traditional blog or microblogging like Instagram, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months (and sometimes years) of hard work to get to the point of Instagram queens like Ashley and Kate.

2. You want to make money. First of all, let me say: making money from your blog is an amazing thing and can even turn into a part-time or full-time job if you’re lucky. (Bloggers should never NEVER never work for free.) However, it should not be your sole intention from the get-go. In order to make money from your blog, you have to have some kind of following. It doesn’t have to be huge, but you do have to have some readership in order to market yourself as valuable to a company. Having worked on both sides of the business, as a brand and as a blogger, the brand needs to be able to see some kind of return-on-investment (or ROI) in order to invest in working with you. Bloggers don’t have to have 100k followers on Instagram or millions of page views to work with brands, but you do need to have a relationship with a loyal following in order for it to benefit the brand. Don’t expect to be raking in the dough immediately. Again, it takes a minute to get established. Don’t jump the gun!

3. You want to get free stuff. There are companies out there who will work with any and everyone on a blog post, no matter their social reach. That’s awesome! But don’t start your blog with the main intention of getting trips and clothes for free. Again, you need to establish yourself as a reputable brand with a loyal following before approaching companies for partnerships. I wasn’t approached for my first review until almost a year after I started blogging! It takes time, and that’s okay.

4. You don’t care about connecting with other bloggers. Making connections with others online is the first lesson in Blogging 101. When I first started my blog, I posted for weeks without getting any response. But once I started going to other blogs, leaving comments and forming connections, that’s when those bloggers came over and started getting to know me and my blog. Twitter may seem out of date but connecting with others on the platform is the best way (at least it was for me) to foster those connections and turn acquaintances into real relationships.

5. You want to bring others down. You know the kind of person I’m talking about: the person who feeds off of drama. If that’s your jam, please do us all a favor and just don’t get involved in the blogging world. We don’t need more of that!

Do you agree/disagree with these reasons? What’s something that you might caution new bloggers about?

  • So important to blog because it’s something you LOVE first and foremost! It’s a lot of work to even check one of those items off your list. Great post!

    • Whitney H

      Thanks Kuleigh! If you aren’t passionate about your blog, it will definitely feel like a chore.

  • Lacey Anne Douthat

    LOVE this! Get in it for the love of it! So many “I want to be famous overnight” or “I want free stuff” people out there. I can’t even tell you how many people I actually know who have said that to me in person. GROSS

    • Whitney H

      Oh my gosh, that’s so crazy! That’s no reason to get into it at all. Hopefully they have learned what it’s all about!

  • Miss ALK

    Girl I agree with this SO MUCH!! I started blogging in high school (with a different blog) and I didn’t blog at all to make money or have a business. I just started that website on a whim one day and wrote because I loved writing. Having that little blog made me fall in love with blogging as a whole, and then eventually when I started my current blog I was ready to go and monetize! I always tell girls who want to start to first start a blog for themselves- things like photography, design and sponsored posts will come with time!

    xoxo A

    • thesophiadiaries

      I had the same trajectory!!! It was a total whim haha

  • Totally agree with you! I’ve been blogging since 2012 and the blogging industry has change SO MUCH since then. Back then, I didn’t know you could monetize your blog or anything. I hate that people just start blogs now because they want free stuff! There are so many amazing aspects of blogging like meeting other bloggers and learning new things!

    Carrie | http://carrieeliseandkho.com/

  • thesophiadiaries

    This is all so true, and these are all great reasons to NOT start a blog for sure!!!


  • Jess @ Just Jess

    YES to all of this! Jess at Just Jess

  • mckenna bleu

    This post is so great! Everyone needs to know this about blogging and these should not be the reasons for creating one!

  • Paige Rankin

    I love this post! I am a new blogger and I don’t think people realize how long it takes for success to happen. You definitely have to work for it.

    xoxo, Paige

  • Kristine Circenis

    Yes!! I think my absolute favorite thing about blogging is how I’ve been able to connect with so many wonderful people via the Internet – I wouldn’t trade it!

  • I couldn’t agree more, if you start a blog just because you want to be famous – it likely won’t work out. It takes a lot of work and hustle to have a blog. Thank you for sharing this, I think it is so good for people to read if they’re thinking about starting a blog!

  • Yes, I totally agree with all of these. I see tons of people trying to start a blog with the sole intention of making money from it and those people won’t last very long.

  • Rachel Ritlop

    Haha preach girl!! These are all so spot on!

  • These are all so true! I definitely have to point out the not wanting to connect with other bloggers. Not only are other bloggers just really awesome people for the most part; they are also great resources for you! Also blogging is all about telling a story and connecting with people so I just can never understand how people approach the whole thing with a fans not friends mentality! Such a great post and definitely relevant!
    xo, G

  • Good points! I feel like so many want to be insta-famous, too!

  • All great reasons not to blog! I’ve been at Belle Brita for almost 3 years, and blogging overall for over a decade. I do receive enough free stuff now that I include a “blogger mail” section in my monthly goals. And I make a small amount of income… but I re-invest almost all of it into my blog and other blog-related business. Writing is my passion, and I love that I’ve found a way to make it ever-so-slightly profitable. But it’s a TON of work, most of which doesn’t involve the writing itself!

  • Ashley Vickney

    SO true. This is so good. This is not just about money or fame or free stuff. I love to write and to share my life!

  • Macarena Ferreira

    This is all so true! I hate when my friends are like “well I want free stuff too, I’ll just start a blog!” *eye roll*

    xo // http://www.thematerialgirl.co

  • What a great post! Everything you mention is so spot on! I would totally show this to anyone who was contemplating starting their own blog.

  • Very true!

  • aaaaand amen to all of these.