5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

June 5, 2017

I’ve been blogging for almost six years (this August is my “blog-a-versary”) and over the past half a decade or so, I’ve come to learn so many things. I’ve had a lot of people ask me for advice on how to start a blog, and while I won’t get into those details today, I wanted to share with you five reasons I’m glad I started my blog. Someone could start a blog for any variety of reasons, so these are just a sampling of some reasons. If you currently don’t have a blog, or have let yours go by the wayside, hopefully these will inspire you pick it up!

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

1. You need a creative outlet. For me, having a blog was a way that I could write stories and use my passion for the written (or typed) word to express myself. Graduation was merely months away and I knew that I would miss writing after I left college. But even if you’re still in college, a blog is a great way to write from a first-person perspective unlike many of those papers you’re probably writing in class.

2. You’re moving to a new city. Shortly after I graduated from college, I made the trek halfway across the country from South Carolina to Houston. I had only ever visited the city once and had no clue what to expect. Getting into blogging (and reading other blogs) helped me learn more about the city I was moving to. I connected with the blogging community in Houston and they helped give me advice and recommendations about the city.

3. You’re about to take a big step in life. Getting married? Having a child? Embarking on a weight loss journey? Buying a home? These are all great reasons to start a blog. It’s an easy way to document your progress and makes it easy to look back on later.

4. You want to meet new people. In moving to a new city, I also had no way to connect with people (other than my sorority alumnae chapter). Through blogging I connected with an established community of women who could relate to the blogging struggle (which is completely different nowadays). Blog friends turned into real friends, and my mid-twenties were shaped by these women. I’m all the better because I knew them! (I’m talking about you Meg O., Meg H., Lindsay, Michelle, Sarah S., Betsy,  Sarah H. and so many more!)

5. Because you just want to! Maybe you’ve been reading blogs for a while and have been inspired by those you’ve read. That definitely inspired me to start my blog. Not having a full time job definitely influenced the decision as well. It was a great way to occupy my mind in a new city, far away from my family. Whatever your reason may be, you should go for it!

Want to know 5 reasons NOT to start a blog? Check back tomorrow and find out!

If you have a blog, what inspired you to start it?

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