2019 Gift Guide for Her (Under $50!)

November 8, 2019

1. Mepal Lunch Pot | 2. Golden Bee Studs | 3. Personalized Date Necklace
4. Wine Cork States | 5. Gemstone Facial Rollers | 6. State Dish Towel
7. Cheese & Crackers Serving Board | 8. “Woman Card” Playing Deck | 9. Rewined Candles

Let’s be honest – there are a ton of gift guides floating around. I love reading them and perusing the goods, but most of the time, the items are out of my price range, at least for a single gift.

Whether we stick to it or not, we set out with a goal to not break the bank on gifts each year, and try to implement a price limit for each member of the family. But just because you’re trying to find inexpensive gifts doesn’t mean that they can’t be unique or personal!

This curated list includes gifts that would be perfect for pretty much anyone in your life. Looking for a secret Santa gift for a coworker? Or how about that cousin’s girlfriend who you don’t really know? Or, like me, you could be completely at a loss at what to get someone who seems to have everything!

I feel like I should also preface this in case you found this list because you’re a member of my family or my darling husband… this is essentially a list of “things Whitney would like for Christmas but doing an online holiday wish list for yourself is kind of tacky.” However, any and all of the below gifts would be happily accepted on Christmas Eve/morning. Thank you and good night.

OK, so now that we’ve established that, let’s move onto the goods…

Mepal Lunch Pot ($22) I have a really, really bad habit of going out for lunch almost every day. I’ve gotta stop that! What might help? This adorable lunch pot that has a separate container on the top. Plus, it’s adorable. What’s not to like?

Golden Bee Studs ($32) I’ve been a fan of Laura’s for such a long time now, and finally made my first purchase from her earlier this year. (The stackable bracelets are truly amazing!) I could have included pretty much anything from her site on this list and you couldn’t go wrong with anything. She has both neutral and statement pieces that would fit any stylish person on your holiday gift list. But when I saw these bee earrings on her Instagram last week, I audibly gasped. I need them in my life – and so do you!

Personalized Date Necklace ($39.95) This would be great for just about anyone! A mom? Put her baby’s initial and birth date on it. Fur mom? Put the pet’s info on it. Heck, I’d probably even wear this with my own initial and birth date on it. The coolest thing about it is that you can put multiple charms on the necklace, so this would be perfect for a grandparent gift so they can show off all of their grandkids around their neck. onecklace.com was so kind as to send me one of these last month and the quality is incredible! I was so shocked at how quickly I received it and even though the chain was too small for me (it’s my own fault… I’m an idiot and got a 14″ chain) I can’t wait to wear it around and show off my baby girl’s initial and birth date.

Wine Cork States ($35) For the wine lover in your life, whether its a mother-in-law, sister, girlfriend, or (ahem) yourself. This is such a fun way to save keepsake corks and incorporate some fun into your kitchen or wine cellar!

Gemstone Facial Rollers ($28-34) 2019 was supposed to be the year that I started taking care of my skin since I hit the big 3-0, and while I was somewhat successful, I never jumped on the bandwagon of these facial rollers. Now, I’m realizing that I definitely missing these as part of my skincare and/or self-care routine!

State Dish Towel ($20) I’m all about decorating with state pride, especially when you’re far away from your home. Now that I’m living back in my homestate of South Carolina, I want to incorporate little touches of my time in Texas into my home. I think I might need one of each…

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board ($48) Again, I’m all for quirkiness in the home and when you’re having people over, what better way to spark conversation than this adorable ampersand cheese and crackers tray?

“Woman Card” Playing Deck ($20) What a fun gift to give the feminist or history-lover in your life! I would love playing cards and seeing these inspiring ladies looking back at me.

Rewined Candles ($29) These candles can be found a ton of places, especially in South Carolina since they’re made in Charleston, and they are my absolute favorite. The smell is light and floral, which I prefer over heavier-scented candles. My favorite is the Sauvignon Blanc but you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Are there any items on this list you’ve just gotta have? What about items I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

*Though I received an item from onecklace.com, I’m only sharing my honest thoughts! I can only say great things from the experience and recommend them!*

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