2017 Fall Bucket List

October 4, 2017

Every year, Nick and I have grand plans of having the quintessential autumn experience. We talk about making the trip to Columbia for the annual State Fair for rides and elephant ears, carving spooky pumpkins and picking apples on a crisp fall morning. Unfortunately, most of that never happens. This year, I’m putting our plans out in the universe in hopes that it will help these plans actually come to fruition.

Here’s what’s on our list this year:

1. Go to the State Fair

State fairs, or fairs in general, is a typical October outing for anyone. When I was younger, we would go to the Piedmont Interstate Fair in Spartanburg once or twice a year and ride rides, eat candy apples, and check out the blue ribbon winners for everything from paintings to canned vegetables. Nick and I have only ever been to the State Fair in Columbia once but we want to go again this year. It reminds me a lot of the Rodeo in Houston, with the carnival foods and rides. I love seeing all of the animals too! This year, the South Carolina State Fair runs from Oct. 11-22, and they have great concerts like Chris Young, Brothers Osborne, and ZZ Top.

2. Have a Halloween party

Back in the day, my family used to have some killer Halloween parties. We would get all dressed up, set up the garage with a black light and crank up the tunes. My dad and uncle would even chase us around the woods behind our house for a “haunted hike.” This year, Nick and I are having our own adult Halloween party and I’m already counting down the days!

3. Watch Hocus Pocus on Halloween

This is a tradition that happens almost every year. It’s not Halloween without Hocus Pocus! Luckily, Freeform is doing a Hocus Pocus marathon on Halloween starting at noon. YES!!

4. Go to an apple orchard

Another family tradition that I had as a kid was visiting the local apple orchard to pick apples, have a picnic, and eventually select our pumpkin for the porch. I have so many great memories as a kid visiting the apple farm, but unfortunately they closed the local farm down two years ago. There’s another farm about 25 minutes from our house now, and they’re having a fall festival later on in October. They also brew cider (that’s a thing right?) and it’s so good! My mouth is watering for the apple cider donuts…

5. Make pumpkin bread

This is a fairly simple task that I hope I can make time for in the next few weeks. I saw someone (I cannot for the life of me remember who it was) who made chocolate chip pumpkin bread on Instastories and I’m thinking that may be just the ticket…

6. Pick out the perfect couples costume

Going back to #2, Nick and I are in desperate need of a good costume idea for the party! I suggested Han and Leia since he is such a big Star Wars fan, but I think he wants to do something else… stay tuned for updates.

7. Carve pumpkins

The first time I ever carved a pumpkin was two years ago and we actually did a darn good job! Now that we actually have a porch to display them on, I hope we can come up with something impressive.

8. Complete a successful “Shocktober”

For the past 3 or 4 years, Nick and I have made it a mission to watch at least one scary movie every might in October. So far this year, we’re 3 for 3! Nick wrote an entire blog post about our annual movie-watching experience, so hop on over and read more!

9. Greet Trick’r’Treaters

This is by far my favorite part of Halloween! Now that we live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids, I’m hoping for a busy Halloween night. No raisins here, we’re handing out the good stuff… and saving a few for ourselves!

What’s on your fall bucket list this year? Share in the comments!


  • Jess @ Just Jess

    YAY for State Fairs and Hocus Pocus!Jess at Just Jess

    • Whitney H

      Two of my absolute favorites things… pretty much all year long!

  • Leslie

    Can’t wait for your Halloween party! I have no idea what Christian and I are going to do yet, either…. I haven’t been to the SC or NC State Fair! Maybe this year we’ll make it?

    • Whitney H

      Yayyy! So excited to have y’all there. You should definitely go to a state fair. How is it even fall without a candy apple?!

  • Jen

    Such a great list! Hocus Pocus is on my list too! :)

  • I just watched Casper the other night and Hocus Pocus is next on my list. I’m dying to go apple picking!

  • I’m not one for scary movies, but I love the Shocktober idea. I’d want to do that with rom com movies.


  • I bought Hocus Pocus on DVD last year when it went on sale in preparation of this month! I finally have a free weekend, so I can’t wait to bake up some kind of pumpkin treat and force my boyfriend into watching it ??

  • Allison Ellzey

    I love this bucket list! I need to make one since it’s just starting to feel like Fall here!

  • These are so good! I’ll have to make a list too! I really want to go to an apple orchard this fall!

  • Kristine Circenis

    I’m hoping that we get trick or treaters this year! We have a few little ones in our building and I can’t wait!

  • Lol, this is basically my fall bucket list!! So excited for all the exciting things happening this month.

  • Logan Elizabeth Abbott

    The pumpkin bread and watching Hocus Pocus, yes girl! I think I’m going to be doing both of those except this time probably together haha

  • Fun list, Hocus Pocus is always a must! My bf and I are hosting a Halloween party too– can’t wait, it should be a lot of fun!

  • Visiting an apple orchard is on my October bucket list too! I love going, it’s so much fun and a great Fall tradition!

  • I love the NC state fair! It is so fun and I eat so much food, and my feet hurt so much from walking on that uneven dirt all day – but it’s worth it. I can’t wait to go next week!

  • Sydney Power

    I always have to watch halloween town, it is my all time fav!!!

  • So many fun goals for this month! Dan and I don’t have many for at home since we were in New England for six days, and we’ll be in Greenville this weekend for Furman’s Homecoming. But we’re getting pumpkins and making a very special Star Wars creation…

    • Whitney H

      Fall in New England must have been lovely! Enjoy hanging out in my hometown ;) I can’t wait to see your Star Wars pumpkin!