2015 Golden Globes: Best Dressed & Not-So-Best Dressed (Thoughts from a Fashion Non-Expert)

January 12, 2015

I know you’re probably going to see about fifty million different posts like this today because awards season just makes it so darn easy to come up with blog content, right? Let me just start by saying that I’m not a fashion expert nor do I play one on TV. So this is simply just me, a plain jane 25-year-old girl who shops in the old lady section sometimes, giving you my two cents about what dresses I liked at the Golden Globes.

Best Dressed:

Love the cut of Amy Adams’ dress. It accentuates her figure so nicely! 
Anna Kendrick can do no wrong. She looks stunning in anything.

Ellie Kemper’s dress is so different, but I love it! I’m not normally a fan of patterns or sleeves, but she really rocked it. That color complements her hair so well. 
Emily Blunt’s earrings were one of my favorite accessories of the night! The white looks great on her too, but WHERE IS HER HUSBAND AND WHY IS HE NOT ON HER ARM?

Typically not a fan of jumpsuits at all, much less at awards shows, but I totally loved Emma Stone’s. Another hair color I want to steal! 
Felicity Jones’ dress was one of my top three of the evening. That color is one of my favorites and the cut is fabulous.

Jennifer Aniston’s earrings were another one of my favorite accessories of the night. 
J. Lo was totally throwing it back to her outfit at the VMAs like a decade ago with that plunging neckline, but she can totally get away with it. She just keeps getting more gorgeous with age.

Reese Witherspoon is never not flawless. I mean, honestly. I want to be her when I grow up. Look at that hand on her hip. Flaw-less. 
I don’t know much about Sienna Miller, but I love the floral print and hair cut. Great styling!

Not-so-best dressed? (I don’t like to say worst dressed but that’s just sad.) 

I know y’all are probably about to have a coronary that I even dare saying Amal Clooney was anything less that perfect. But it honestly looks like she is a four year old girl wearing her mother’s white gloves. They don’t even fit. 
Claire Danes looks like one of the Von Trapp children whose clothes were made from curtains. Just no. 

Keira Knightley is one of my favorites, but that dress is a no go. I could maybe see something like that working a less formal event, but I honestly think I could find that dress at Forever 21. 
Kerry Washington looks like she is suffocating under the dress. Not a fan of the pattern in the pink, or the cut of the dress.
Lana Del Rey’s dress looks like a dress I wore to prom in like 10th grade. I bought it as Sears for like $15. Not a good thing.
Lena Dunham. Oh Lena Dunham. I’m never a fan of anything she wears, honestly. This dress is doing nothing for her and she looks frumpy.
From the waist up, Lorde looks adorable. But can someone please hem those pants for her? I’m cringing at how dirty her pants probably got. Yikes. #germophobe 
Melissa McCarthy is a hilarious woman, but for some reason, I can never understand why they want to cover her up so much! Show a little skin, okay?
Alright, what were your favorites and no-so favorites of the night? Leave your picks in the comments below!

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